Apex Tennis Academy

Apex Tennis will offer tennis coaching in primary and secondary schools, stadiums, parks and playgrounds as a means of introducing children to a safe, action-packed sport which they can engage in for a lifetime.

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Mini Tennis

Mini tennis is a child- friendly version of the game or sport of lawn tennis. It is played on a smaller court using a smaller net and smaller rackets as well as lighter balls.

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Welcome to (ATL)


  • Tennis leagues involving 6-10 players lasting four months with results kept online. Winner of each group/four month league tournament round gets a prize.

Why should you run n take part?

  • By taking part in ATL, you will be able to enjoy competitive singles matches against players of a similar age, rating and location all year round.

What do I gain from signing up to ATL?

  • Everyone who enters the league gets access to good quality lawn tennis facilities, equipment and regular high standard of opponents. Tennis rackets are also available for match play hire to players who do not have rackets. Players will be advised to sanitise such rackets and change the grips. Rackets restringing is available, as well as purchase. It is a fact that the more you compete and practise, the better your game becomes. You will also have the opportunity of winning exciting prizes.

Who is eligible?

  • Leagues are open to players in six categories: 7-8year olds(Orange) 9-10year olds(Green) 11-14 years old 15-18 years old and Adult Players must register on the Apex Tennis Academy website.
    All non-adult players must be registered by and accompanied by an adult family member whose contact details will be given to Apex Tennis Academy. 10 and under matches will be played using red balls, appropriate racket sizes, mini tennis court. Only 10 and under matches will involve mixed gender leagues. All matches will be first to win two sets of four games.
    Players aged 9-10 years old will use green balls with full sized tennis court.
    11-14 years, 16-18 as well as adults will use yellow (standard tennis balls).
    Apex Tennis Academy reserves the right to modify the conditions of entry, prizes and or participation at any time.

Where will the matches be played?

  • Matches in the ATL League will be played at approved locations. Players are welcome to suggest court locations to the League organiser who will verify suitability and confirm before matches go ahead. Results of each match must be notified to tournament organiser within four days of completion. How much does it cost per person to enter the tennis league? Entry fee for all groups from under 18 and below is just two thousand Naira per player which must be paid before advertised league entry deadline. Adult entry fee is five thousand Naira per player, per round. Tournament entry refund will not be issued unless there is an exceptional reason.
    • All effort will be made to ensure that players are be organised into groups of a similar standard and location; there will be typically 6-8 players in each group (occasionally between 5 and 10)
    • Contact details (only email addresses and telephone numbers) of the other players in your group will be emailed before the league starts. Groups will comprise of same gender players only.
    • Players arrange their own matches at a mutually convenient time. The Apex Tennis League will run between January- April, May-August and September-December. Male players will play in the league against male players only. Same for female players. Except for 10 and under (Orange and Green ball mini tennis players). Effort will be made to put players into groups of similar ability. For instance beginners, intermediate and advanced groups.
    All matches will be played in Lagos for now.
    • Players must follow the Covid-19 Guidelines
    • Players submit their results via email, text message, or WhatsApp. The Apex Tennis Academy website admin will update League Tables on a regular basis.
Hope you can encourage your junior players who are regular competitors to take part in the new Apex Tennis Leagues.
Entries will be open for the May to August 2021 Season by March 2021 For more information, please visit https://www.apextennisacademy.info
If you have any questions please feel free to email apextennisnigeria@gmail.com
Alternatively, you can ring 0907 444 7487.

Disclaimer: All players/participants are reminded to undergo thorough medical fitness assessment by their health professional or Doctor before registration and during league matches. Although playing tennis is known to have several benefits, players who are not in a fit condition are advised not to participate in strenuous physical activity. Apex Tennis Academy cannot be held liable for any injuries, health complication etc sustained by any participants, spectators or officials who take part in the Apex Tennis League.

Our Staff and Coaches

Meet our excellent and experienced managerial team and coaches.

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Ten Reasons to Play Tennis

  1. A longer life. Scientists and doctors around the world point to tennis as one of the healthiest activities you can engage in because it delivers overall physical, mental and emotional gains. It will add to your life.
  2. A happier life. Tennis engages body and mind at the same time unlike traditional gym work outs. Tennis players are more confident, healthier, less stressed and more socially active.
  3. It is social. You meet more people and make more friends by playing tennis. It is good for making business connections too.
  4. The whole family can participate. Age, gender, ability or fitness level are no barriers to playing tennis.
  5. Tennis teaches life lessons. Participants, especially youngsters develop a work ethic, learn good sportsmanship, learn to compete, accept responsibility, manage mistakes, enhance discipline, cope with pressure and adversity, develop healthy habits and learn team work etc.
  6. You can develop your game of tennis into anything competitively, socially, cardiovascular workout, time with family or friends, tours, tournaments or national/international matches anything!
  7. Playing tennis means having fun while having a good workout.
  8. Tennis develops your mind by demanding alertness, tactical thinking, problem solving and is scientifically known to aid the generation of connections between nerves promoting a lifetime of continued development of the brain.
  9. Tennis improves your fitness by making you move constantly thereby burning calories, building muscles, increasing bone strength, general flexibility and overall health and fitness.
  10. Tennis is a lifelong sport from earliest ages to post retirement you get good physical, mental, emotional and social benefits.

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